Lingua FinnoMedica is a translation and language services company founded in 2000. We started as a one-woman enterprise that functioned only part time until 2007. In 2008 we started operating full-time and in April 2012, the company was registered in the Finnish trade register under its new name, Lingua FinnoMedica. In March 2013, we became a private company and our official name was changed to Oy Lingua FinnoMedica Ltd.

Entrepreneur, Director
Jenny Jeskanen

Quality guarantee: In the field of translation, quality refers to more than just a high-quality end product. For us, quality means:

  • Commitment to quality – our own quality control and review process, which includes proofreading conducted by a second translator, ensures that all translations give the impression of a text written originally in the target language.
  • Continuous training – we regularly attend translation and grammar training courses, participate in meetings and conferences in the translation field, and encourage our subcontractors and partners to do the same.
  • Timeliness – keeping to schedules as agreed.
  • Communication - when questions or problems come up in a project, we notify our client and take immediate action.